About Card Games

Card games vary around the world and can be termed more as an addiction than a hobby. It is the most popular hobby among adults who either play various card games for the sake of money or just for the sake of fun. It is also popular among kids and families who can spend quality time around each other. These require a player to have a combination of luck and skill. The possibility of testing ones skill and luck is what makes these games more enticing to millions of card players around the world.

Card games are usually played between two or more players, with some games allowing a player and a dealer. There are a few games that can accommodate more than 20 people, making this a perfect social interaction game.

Any game played using cards as the primary playing material is considered as a card game. Other games that use cards as secondary playing supplies cannot be considered as card games. Rules of card games vary from person to person, from culture to culture and region to region. A few standardized card games have developed standard rules, however most don't.

People around the world have developed numerous versions of card games. Not all card games are popular with adults, a few games are designed by keeping children in mind and a few designed to help toddlers with improving their memory.

History: Card games have a rich and long history, with games resembling today's card games dating back to almost 9th century in China. The first reference to a card game was given to "leaf game" played during the Tang Dynasty. However, even before this dominoes are said to be played in China. Card games rose in popularity in China after the development of books from the earlier used scrolls to store information. Card games also led to the invention of the Mahjong tiles. Card games are also used playing tiles that are made of bone, wood or plastic, e.g. dominoes, rummikub and a few others. By 15th century, the first playing cards that required money bets are known to have become popular. These cards started appearing in Europe by the late 15th century and became a popular past time in pubs and restaurants. This is where the cards were redesigned and started being mass produced in the form which we all know them today.

Today card games have jumped onto the internet where websites offer card games between players from all over the world with huge prize money. Thousands of card enthusiasts now find it so much easier to indulge their passion for card games.



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