How to create a new card game?

Creating a new card game is extremely simple and involves just modifying an old card game to include new rules and regulations. One of the easiest card games to modify is Hearts, which is why it's found in varied forms across the world. Hearts is essentially a trick taking card game that involves between 3-6 players. For every hand, the cards are dealt once face down around a circle equally. All...


Where can one find card game tournaments?

After mastering a card game, one of the best ways to reward yourself will be by taking part in one of the many card game championships and tournaments organized throughout the world. This is the best way to make the most out of a hobby of playing card games. Numerous tournaments are organized each year nationally and internationally. Many tournaments offer cash prizes to the winners. Games such...


What are the rules of Poker?

Poker is one of the most popular types of card games and is a popular gambling game in casinos and clubs. There are a number of variants of Poker, however many of the rules remain constant. It is important that one learns the basics of poker before concentrating on a particular type. All types of poker games are played with a single deck of playing cards. Cards are always delivered in clockwise...


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